Love or happiness?  What 6 tools do you need to find both?

In the Business Insider, Drake Baer, wrote about activities that “Psychologists” say will make you happier.  Well, we’re psychologists, so we thought to check it and see if we agree.

1) Spending meaningful, mindful time with people you care about. Characterisics of caring relationships include:

  • The ability to love and be loved
  • Mutual understanding
  • A source of direct help in times of trouble
  • Celebration of good times
  • Security
  • A diversity of ideas and influences to help us grow and learn
  • Fun

2) Committing to goals. From planting a flower to traveling the world, goals, for each day or for a lifetime, are important to well-being.

3) Find meaning in your work.  From the farmer to the banker, what we do matters.  Let’s talk about work happiness later this month!

4) Cultivate a long-term friendship.  This can be with your lover or the friend who knows how much you hated getting braces.

5) Eating the fresh stuff.   Although McDonalds fries are the best at making any task bearable, it’s apples and other fresh fruit or vegetables that make you healthy and happy.

6) Get outside and get moving.  Even just a walk up the street and back can lift your mood.  So be like a postal carrier; sunshine or rain, wind or heat wave, sleet or snow, walk outside a little bit.

Join us over the next few weeks while we explore happiness in our spiritual lives, our relationships, our workplace and within ourselves.

Two thoughts on the Pursuit of Happiness

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