Counselor Licensing

In California, the process to become a Marriage and Family Therapist is long and intensive.

Each candidate begins seeing clients while still in their Master’s program. For every five client contact hours, the candidate must have one hour of "supervision" with a therapist who has been licensed for at least two years.

Once your master's degree is conferred, the Board of Behavioral Science (BBS) issues you a provisional type of licensed called "Intern Registration". From graduation up to and through the next six years, we must gain 3,000, yes, three thousand, hours of expertise working with families, children, couples, adults and groups before we can begin the year long licensing process. Interns can have ten client contact hours for every hour of supervision.

The advantages to the consumer include a lower price for graduate students and interns and you get two therapists because your case is being processed weekly with a licensed clinical supervisor.

Once our 3,000 hours are collected we send the proof of experience to the BBS. They verify all hours and give us test dates; we must complete a four-hour, multiple choice written examination.

When we pass the written exam we are eligible to sit for a second written examination, which is the final step of licensing. (this recently changed, there was previously an oral examination.)

For more information on the licensing process or to check on the status of your counselor's license, the BBS has the own web site at

Aside from the training and education required by California law, we consistently seek out seminars and presentations that will enhance what each therapist can offer you in the therapeutic relationship.

These trainings have included the subjects of Mind and Body Connections, Sports and Exercise in the Recovery From Grief and Depression; research presentations into the raising levels of teen depression, drug use and discontent. The use of traditional, talk based therapies on the Internet. The effects of our rapid paced lifestyles on our quality of life and the "God" spot.

We are always reviewing opportunities for education that allow us to better serve you.

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