Since opening in 1997, Cross Creek Family Counseling has provided counseling to individuals, children, couples, and families; specializing in recovery from abuse, trauma and crime.

The therapists at Cross Creek Family Counseling use a variety of approaches to assist clients in reaching their goals. These include cognitive therapy, psychodynamic and object relations theories, family systems, communication, hypnosis, ego state, art, sand tray and play therapy, and group sessions.

In 2000, the Internet began to provide another means of offering marriage counseling. First, as a means to stay in touch with existing clients who had moved from the area. And now, as a means of offering online counseling services to people, who for a variety of reasons, have found the Internet offers them an opportunity to engage in a therapeutic relationship.

We encourage you to contact us. We can arrange for an office appointment, or schedule an alternative counseling method by using telephone counseling or email therapy.

We can provide a rewarding and safe opportunity for you to regain control of your life, recover from past adversity and move forward.

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