It’s finally here!  International Happiness Day! 

Today is an amazing day.  A spring trifecta ends this splendid week of happiness— solar eclipse, super moon and equinox!  Look to the sun, stars, moon and sky.  The heavens shower happiness upon us!      (Posted March 21, 2015)

International Happiness Day may have started at the United Nations but it ends with you.  The choices you make each moment, the thoughts, prayers and actions of each person can make a difference in someone’s life.   Someone far, someone near someone needs you to give a little kindness, a little share of happiness. 

This last month we have shared our thoughts on happiness and you have shared yours.  We are so grateful to our staff and clients for making Cross Creek a place of safety, kindness and happiness. 

When you seek counseling it’s probably not because you are perfectly happy.   But through compassion, hope and consistency we strive every day, every session, to increase the amount of happiness in each heart. 

By focusing on strength, resilience and an acceptance of all emotions, we hope to help adults, couples, teens and children build meaningful and engaged lives.  One goal of therapy is finding, and keeping, and sharing happiness.

Pessimism, anger, resentment, these are real emotions but when they are the only emotions, life can be very dark and hopeless. Lonely.  

Allowing for light and breath, having a heart of gratitude, a soul of contentment, this will foster happiness in your life, your family, your community and someday, the world. 

Two thoughts on the Pursuit of Happiness

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