Two thoughts on the Pursuit of Happiness

“The pursuit of happiness “  Do you know two thoughts on happiness explained by our Declaration of Independence? 

Presidents Day is about more than furniture sales and bank closures.  Life, Liberty and the pursuit of happiness is more than a catchy phrase.  Happiness is not a right in and of itself.  We are each born with the possibility for happiness, if we pursue it.  When we utilize our talents and opportunities to better ourselves, and our communities, we are pursuing happiness.  We may also be pursuing monetary gain or public recognition, but alone those may not resulting in happiness.

Sacramento born, US Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy explained in a 2005 lecture, that for the framers of the Declaration of Independence, “happiness meant that feeling of self-worth and dignity you acquire by contributing to your community and to its civic life.” In the context of the Declaration of Independence, happiness was about an individual’s contribution to society rather than pursuits of self-gratification.”

Our two thoughts on happiness are pursuit of community happiness, within your circle of family and friends and the greater community in which we live and the pursuit of individual happiness, thorough self exploration, loving relationships, fulfilling work and thoughtful exercise and eating.

John M. Bridgeland is the author of a book called “Heart of the Nation".  He writes of Presidents from Washington to Obama on the subject of happiness as individuals, Americans and as world citizens.  

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International Happiness Day

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